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How Much Is Transportation From Abuja To Uyo? Bus Prices & Travel Guides

Posted by on December 7th, 2022 at 10:28 am with No Comment Yet
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If you plan to travel to Uyo from Abuja this December, here’s an article that contains the price list of bus companies that travel from Abuja to Uyo. There’s also an additional travel guide for choosing reliable buses and bus companies while travelling on a far distance journey in Nigeria.

Bus Companies & Their Transport Fare From Abuja To Uyo

Bus Company Abuja To Uyo Price List
God Is Good  ₦‎24,400
Peace Mass Transit ₦‎12,600 – ₦‎15,000
GUO Transport  ₦‎18,525
Young Shall Grow Transport  ₦‎12,000 – ₦‎15,000
Ifesinachi Transport Ltd. ₦‎13,000 – ₦‎16,000
ABC Transport ₦‎16,850
AKTC ₦‎15,000 -₦‎18,000

Cost Of Transport From Abuja To Uyo

Currently, the transportation cost from Abuja to Uyo is between ₦‎12,000 and ₦‎17,000.  However, the price increases depending on the company you are using and the location in Abuja you are travelling from.

Travel Routes Description

By road, it takes about 10 hours and 55 minutes to travel from Abuja to Uyo following the Abuja-Lokoja Road/ Lokoja-Abaji-Dawliko Road/A2 expressway. However, the hours can extend depending on the route, traffic, and other road stops.

Travelling From FCT, Abuja 
Departure Terminal Utako, Abuja
Arrival Terminal Itam-Itam, Uyo
Geo-Location of Origin
Geo-Location of Destination
State From FCT 
State To Akwa Ibom State
City From Abuja
City To Uyo
AC Bus Transport Fare ₦‎17,000
Normal Bus Fare ₦‎12,000
AC Bus Fuel Quantity 135
Normal Bus Fuel Quantity 115
Estimated Distance 643.8 km
Estimated Duration 653 minutes

Helpful Guide On How To Choose The Right Bus While Traveling To Uyo From Abuja

Travelling to Uyo from Abuja is roughly an 11 hours journey. That’s a lot of time to spend on the road. Basically, you’ll be spending an entire daytime on the road travelling. Long distance journey like this is capable of making anyone cranky. However, to make the journey bearable, follow guides when choosing your travelling bus.

  1. Note The Transport Company

Various transport companies go to Uyo from Abuja. But, their methods and protocols are not the same. Some of these bus companies are poorly managed as such, it equally affects the level of service they deliver to their passengers. 

To avoid whining over poor bus quality and maintenance, consider the company you choose to travel with. Also, note that you’ll have to bear the consequences of travelling with a bus company that offers poor services. So, choose wisely.

  1. Be Aware Of The Driver

Sometimes it’s not just the bus company, it’s also the bus driver. Some drivers are problematic, and travelling with a driver like that is risky. There are occasions when a driver stinks of alcohol while entering to drive a bus through a long journey. Once you notice things like this, avoid travelling with such a driver. 

  1. Use A Convenient Bus

Other times, it’s not the driver or the company but the comfortability of the bus they’ve brought out for the journey. Some bus companies like disposing of their poor quality or poor comfort buses before getting to the comfortable ones as though they’re specially meant for a specific type of people. 

11 hours en route to Uyo is a long time to be spent in cramped buses while bending your heads and lack of air within the bus. Complain about cramped buses with insufficient leg and headroom and when the company is not doing anything about it, alight and move to a different company. Managing it only leads to 11 hours of resentment travelling. That’s not even to mention that the journey could be longer due to traffic or other circumstances.

  1. The Traveling Route

Nigeria is insecure enough to be travelling across death routes. There are some routes in the country that every road user already knows is a dangerous path. Ensure the bus company you are following and the driver driving are aware of this and will avoid them.

  1. Know Your Budget

Budget is an essential factor when choosing a bus company to travel with. It’s not lost on anyone that transportation is becoming expensive lately following the cost of fuel and inflation, of course. So, consider your budget first before booking a bus ticket. However, do not sacrifice safety and comfort for a budget.

  1. The Proximity To Destination

In Uyo, there are different bus terminals for different companies. So, depending on the company you’re following, their last drop-off will be their terminal. Make sure you follow a company whose terminal brings you closer to your destination. It’s not wise to use a transport company and still pay another exorbitant fee to reach your destination.

  1. Travelling Time

Another thing you should consider when choosing a bus for road travel is the travelling time. For Abuja to Uyo road travel that requires staying on the road for roughly 11 hours, most transport companies prefer to start their journey very early or late at night.

Before choosing a bus, determine the travelling time and know if it aligns with you. If you are wary of night travel, avoid it and look for bus companies that leave in the morning but earlier. 

While planning to travel from Abuja to Uyo this December, it’s best to avoid night travel. For security reasons, ensure the bus company you choose is leaving Abuja very early so it doesn’t get too late by the time you arrive in Uyo. 

  1. Overall Company’s Policy

Certain bus companies in Nigeria are undermanaged; as such, their policies are not favourable to passengers. Some bus companies will never start a journey until the bus is filled, even though it’s a long journey. Bus companies also begin the journey whether or not the bus is filled.

What differentiates these companies from each other is their policy. Some of them prioritize the safety of their customers and their eagerness to reach their location on time. If you don’t want to sleep on the road, choose a bus company with policies that favour your long-distance journey from Abuja to Uyo.


Spending 11 hours on a road journey from Abuja to Uyo is tedious. But you can make the journey less stressful depending on your chosen bus company. So, go for bus companies with good reliable buses and drivers.


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