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Top 4 Best Honda Element Model Years You Should Buy In Nigeria

Posted by on December 17th, 2022 at 12:41 am with No Comment Yet
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The Honda Element production started in December 2002, and the first model was not released until 2003.

Unfortunately for fans of the lineup, the vehicle would only see models till 2011, after which it was discontinued. The discontinuation of the Honda Element led many people to believe that the car was not worth the purchase, and many people went on to ask about the best years for Honda Element.

If that is the question you wanted to know, then you have come to the right place here, I will be listing the years that I think are the best for the Honda Element.

2011 Honda Element

Starting off this list, I present the 2011 Honda Element, the last model of the lineup that people saw before the Honda Element brand was discontinued entirely, but as you will see, it went out swinging!

You had an amazing array of safety features and a spacious interior which allowed for a lot of backseat room and cargo versatility, making it the perfect vehicle if you want to go on long trips with your family.

Available in both FWD & AWD, the 2011 Honda Element also had a slew of optional equipment, such as a navigation system and a backup camera, all compelling choices to purchase.

2009 Honda Element

Even though it was released before the 2011 model, the 2009 Honda Element was available in 3 different trims, one more than the 2011 model.

The main thing the 2009 Honda Element model has going for it is that it is extremely fun to drive.  Great mileage and smooth driving combine to make the Honda Element extremely fun to drive. The spacious interior makes it perfect if you have kids, and the exterior design is also visually very appealing.

2010 Honda Element

Continuing the tradition, the 2010 Honda Element also came with three different trims, but one thing which set this model apart from the rest is its dog-friendly package.

There are not a lot of cars that care about dogs or pets in general, and in most cases, having your pet inside your car is a recipe for disaster. But the 2010 Honda Element model comes with a simple add-on for the LX and EX versions of the model which essentially converts it into a moving dog kennel.

That’s not the only thing the car has going for; it also appeases human passengers with its great driving and roomy interior.

2007 Honda Element

The final model on this list is the 2007 Honda Element, a car always on the border of being the best and the worst, which is why I opted to have it placed at the end of this list.

While the car features the same versatility regarding cargo and back seats, the back seat conversions can be a bit annoying, and the interior design is not the best, having poor controls. While it is not the best of the bunch, it is by no means the worst and, in my personal opinion, deserves to be on this list.

3 Most Honda Element Common Problems You Should Know

The airbags are probably one of the most common and recurring issues that you can find in the Honda Element. This issue stretches far back to the first model of the Honda Element and can be seen as far as the last model in 2011.

Moreover, this is rather disturbing as the threat is a major one. Not only does it turn a safety measure into a very deadly weapon, it further increases the risks of injury and fatalities.

In addition, the main issue with the airbags was that they would rupture or explode upon being activated. This would cause metallic fragments to be flung toward the passengers, causing major harm. There are many issues that the Honda Element can be forgiven for, but something this dangerous is not one of them. Luckily due to the recalls, this issue should be very rare.

While this issue is not as threatening as the airbag one, it is still a major annoyance for most people. You would think that putting the key into the ignition coil would be an easy task, but many models of the Honda Element made sure that you would have a tough time doing so.

A lot of owners of the Honda Element have complained about the key struggling to go into the ignition. Many people were forced to pay absurd amounts of money to have the ignition coil replaced officially.

This is just one of the many problems with the key of the Honda Element, as this issue was also very common with the driver’s side door lock where the key would get stuck and in some cases, it would get so jammed in that the door would have to be taken apart.

The windshield is one of the most important windows of any car as it protects the driver and passengers from wind, bugs, and other objects, which can help lessen the impact in the event of an accident.

It is due to these reasons that the windshield should be of high quality, but in the case of the Honda Element, the windshield had a very weird issue that caused it to crack for no visible reason.

Many owners of the Honda Element have complained about driving their cars only to have the windshield suddenly crack. This crack would cause major obstruction and can even lead to the driver getting pulled over. What is worse is that this issue would repeat even if you got a replacement windshield, meaning that it would be very difficult to rid yourself of this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Honda Element A Good Car?

When it boils down to it, the Honda Element is a decent vehicle that should provide you with serviceable driving and few problems, assuming that you get a good model.
Even if you get an issue with the Honda Element, as long as it is not a major repair, it should be relatively easy and cheap to fix, so overall, the Honda Element is pretty good in my book.

Do Honda Elements Hold Their Value?

Being a very old and discontinued vehicle, it is very unlikely that the Honda Element will hold its value. In fact, given the depreciation rate of 20%, you should see that the Honda Element will lose its value and drop in price significantly. If you were looking for a valuable car that can hold its value, then, unfortunately, the Honda Element is not for you.


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