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How to Install Starlink App and The Speedtest Result i Got

ByMr. Flaver

Feb 24, 2023 #Starlink
Hot to install starlink

Here is the Speedtest results of the Starlink I got yesterday.

Before I share the simple installation steps let me quickly explain a little bit about the variety of speeds I have been getting.

During the test installation I got 70mbps (megabits per seconds), after making it permanent I got 80mbps,

Hot to install starlink

since then it has been fluctuating between 20mbps all the way to 100mbps

To put it in perspective—- I mean in layman terms,

100mbps is about 12.5 megabytes per second, which means if you were to download a 10mb music file it would take less than a second to finish.

After the first boot of the router, it states it needs about 15minutes to run into stabilization and after stabilization it states it needs 6hours to check for obstructions if there are any.

I also noticed after every movement of the Starlink antenna it will need about 15minutes to stabilize again but the internet will continue to work before the 15minutes reaches.

Now, here is how I ran the installation and setup in less than 5 minutes.

1. After connecting all cables to the antenna and the router and plugging the router to power,

2. I installed the Starlink App from AppStore, before I proceeded with the installation I quickly clicked the login icon at the top left and logged in to the account I created at Starlink website immediately after my purchase order.

3. I followed the prompt choosing my type of Starlink (the first image at the top left) >> it asked me to connect to a wifi network to be able to calibrate the startlink antenna, the wifi name was “STINKY”

4. Immediately I connected to stinky it started Calibrating the antenna (the Antenna was moving up in my roof) to a better position,

I followed through from the App creating a wifi name and password for my Starlink which was

Wifi Name: Waploaded StarLink,
Password: *******

5. I then connected to this new wifi “Waploaded Starlink”

6. While I was waiting for the 15minutes stabilization it started browsing and I saw the first 70mbps (8megabytes per second download speed).

That’s it,

easy peezy!!!

I was hoping for about 200mbps I.e up to 25 megabytes per seconds, I haven’t get it just yet,

However, the network has been very reliable, streaming without buffering and no stops

I have been streaming and browsing with it for about 5hours now.

I will continue to test and see howfar the network would perform on a bad weather — it has a function in the settings to self clean the antenna from snow and debris.

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